Angels to present stripper play, Girl Gone
Jean, played by Melissa Lewis (left), and Tish, played by Sarah Carlson, share a tight bond in "Girl Gone." Written by Jacquelyn Reingold and directed by Sasha Dobson, the play opens on December 9 at Lincoln Community Playhouse Studio Theater. (Gwyneth Roberts / Lincoln Journal Star)

While other arts presenters are staging holiday fare this month, the Angels Theatre Company has decided to go in a different direction.

A very dark one.

Local actress Sasha Dobson is bringing Jacquelyn Reingold's "Girl Gone" to the Lincoln Community Playhouse.

The play, which opens Wednesday night, is a fast-paced glimpse at the adult entertainment world, with the story focused on an exotic dancer and her search for a killer.

"It is a rather dark play, but the main themes in it are friendship, love and loss and what happens to you when you finally find the one person in your life that makes sense," Dobson said.

Dobson, 35, has become a regular on Lincoln's stages since moving here a couple of years ago. Her credits include University, Nebraska Repertory and Haymarket Theatre productions.

This is her first foray into directing. She chose "Girl Gone" because she performed in a production of the show in New York, when she was an undergraduate student.

"Me and a couple friends of mine put this show on," she said. "It was very minimalist. I really liked the show. I was drawn to it. It moves quickly. ... It feels like a modern-day movie."

University of Nebraska-Lincoln student Sarah Carlson plays the protagonist, Tish, a dancer who forges a friendship with another dancer, Jean.

When Jean is brutally and senselessly murdered, Tish embarks on a dangerous and obsessive quest to find the monster who killed her. Her self-destructive journey alienates her from her friends and lovers.

The cast also includes Melissa Lewis, Maribel Cruz, Lindsay Roetzel, Sarah Arten, Hunter Larrison, Darin Hemmer and Nathan Weiss.

Because of its subject matter the play is intended for mature audiences, with performances beginning at 10 each night. Dobson is staging it as a 90-minute one-act performance.

"I've reached the point in my life where I've now, personally, dealt with loss and deep female relationships," she said. "I wanted to explore that again (in this play) now that I've had those life experiences."

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