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Bobblehead Dad book

"Bobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forgot I Knew" by Jim Higley, Greenleaf Book Group Press, 191 pages, $14.95 paperback

The World's Greatest Dad grew up in Fremont, and his first book shares some of the Nebraska homegrown wisdom that helped him earn that title.

Jim Higley won the best dad honors in a national contest sponsored by Man of the House magazine. His three kids, he says, are demanding a recount. Higley admits he wasn't always good dad material.

"Bobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forget I Knew" follows Higley from disconnected father figure to super single dad who jumped off the corporate ladder.

After surgery for cancer, Higley decided not to return to his job in commercial real estate but to stay at home and write. When he's not driving the car pool or folding laundry, he writes for the Chicago Tribune's suburban paper, TribLocal, and for DadsGood: The Best of Daddy Bloggers.

In "Bobblehead Dad," Higley tackles cancer and what it means to grow up with a disease as part of your family heritage. He also writes about life with his mom and dad and four brothers and some of the important stuff he learned:

Unless you have a gardener, you're in charge of splitting your own mums.

Lifeguards are always on duty.

Life is a series of transitions. Eventually you need to move on.

Work isn't everything.

You'll smile at the familiar scenes of hand-me-down clothes, birthday parties and sibling squabbles. You'll laugh and be inspired as you follow the little brother who grew up to be a pretty smart dad.

Cindy Conger is a freelance writer in Lincoln.


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