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Editorial, 1/19: Senators’ takes on redistricting are encouraging

Following the 2010 Census, Nebraska’s redistricting process highlighted its need to be reformed. Read more

Letter, 1/19: Enough is enough; end the shutdown

Enough is enough with the shutdown. These people are our employees, our country's employees. No reputable company would consider treating i… Read more

Letter, 1/19: Term limits have weakened Legislature

Sen. Lou Ann Linehan's comment ("Linehan moves into tax reform leadership role in Legislature," Jan. 13) as to reliance on the governor’s o… Read more

Letter, 1/19: Trump speech was on the money

I believe, as well as pretty much everybody I know, that your editorial about President Trump's speech from the Oval Office ("Trump speech … Read more

Editorial, 1/18: State must be transparent on executions in the future

Just as the road leading up to Carey Dean Moore’s death by lethal injection was obscured by a lack of transparency, so too were the moments… Read more

Letter, 1/18: Immigration could ease workforce shortage

If Nebraska needs workers and we know of a willing supply, why are we not making legal immigration and guest-worker programs easier to obta… Read more



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National editorials

The legislative session has begun, which means another year of public schools having to defend themselves against things like continued budget cuts, property taxes levied, ranking of schools, test scores and a myriad of other standard political hotbed topics.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a keen sense of history. By demanding that President Donald Trump wither postpone the State of the Union address until the government shutdown ends or deliver a written statement, she has raised the possibility that we might finally get rid of a ritual that has…

Gillette made a commercial asking men to take the lead in showing more empathy and compassion toward mankind - which makes sense when you consider that historically, the entire default of American society including our language and laws were set by and for white men. This rubbed thousands of men and even some women, including "The View" co-host Megan McCain, the wrong way. Some said it was an ...

We knew that the Trump administration's policy of separating migrant children from their parents as a deterrent to others who might seek asylum in the United States was inhumane, poorly planned and disastrously executed. Now a new government report reveals that the pubic didn't know the half of it. The incompetence is astounding. Under a July 2018 court order that ended the separations and ...

In 2015, a student tweeted about an extra credit activity in my psychology course, igniting a discussion about the "tragedy of the commons" - the idea that when masses of people engage in excessive consumption, it can have catastrophic environmental consequences, such as climate change. In light of the House and Senate's recently proposed Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, let's ...

It's been almost two years since Donald J. Trump took the oath of office and began producing a remarkable string of lies, half-truths and insults. So it's interesting that Sunday, we can mark the halfway point of his first term - and rest assured this country is perfectly capable of electing him to a second one - by seeing the liar-in-chief accuse his former lawyer, who has indeed confessed to ...

Britain's holiday from history was supposed to end this week. After three years of bitter debate, Prime Minister Theresa May hoped Parliament would back the agreement for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union that she painstakingly negotiated over the past 18 months. On Tuesday, however, Parliament voted 2-to-1 against her deal, a humiliating defeat that leaves the future of Britain's ...

The Trump administration tried to sneak two alarming climate change reports past the public last year just after Thanksgiving, apparently hoping everyone would be shopping or sleeping off a turkey hangover. The attempt backfired spectacularly. One of the reports, the National Climate Assessment, gave a new sense of urgency to climate policy in a way unmatched by other recent scientific ...

Could the burgeoning number of independent voters in California constitute the basis for a third party, to compete with the Democrats and the Republicans? I regularly get calls from national political reporters asking for reaction to this prospect, and now some state-based pundits are suggesting California's penchant for innovation will change the political-party equation. There's some logic ...

Speaking at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore recently, feminist icon Gloria Steinem came across like a really hip great aunt, a smart, interesting woman who's lived a rich, layered life - a life worthy of reflection and, on some scale, reverence, whether you subscribe to her politics or not. She studied in India in her 20s; co-founded New York and Ms. magazines in her 30s; published ...

Hell hath no fury like a fixer scorned. As President Donald Trump was settling in for the night at the White House Thursday, Buzzfeed News reported a blockbuster allegation by two unnamed law-enforcement sources: that Trump had instructed his onetime lawyer and hush-money bag man, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress in mid-2017 about a tower Trump had sought to build in Moscow. Cohen has, in ...

Are we quietly winning the war on terror - but are afraid to admit it? After President Donald Trump warned on Jan. 4 that terrorists were heading our way from Mexico, a remarkable statistic emerged: The number of terrorist acts committed by people who had sneaked across our southern border was exactly zero. Not zero this year; zero since the federal government began keeping records. Trump ...

4 nursing homes taken over by state face closure

MATT OLBERDING Lincoln Journal Star

A handful of the more than two dozen elderly care facilities that were taken over by the state last… Read more

Guest columnists

Catherine Rampell: AHCA defies GOP values

The Senate Republicans' health care plan, like the House Republicans' health care plan, is objectively terrible. Read more

Cal Thomas: Congress still spending unhealthily

Is there anyone who can point to the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and credibly claim it is accomplishing the goals set for it seven … Read more

Local View: Trump budget would shred safety net

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget would shred this nation’s social safety net. The National Association of Social Workers, Nebraska … Read more

John L. Micek: GOP has no health care ideas

t's time to own it, Republicans: You've had seven years to come up with a credible alternative to Obamacare. And when your clutch moment ca… Read more

Leonard Pitts: Broadcasting blacks' deaths

I wasn't going to write this. Read more