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Editorial, 7/25: Ricketts wastes taxpayer money for useless stunt along border

Nebraska agreed not to seek reimbursement from Texas for the State Patrol troopers that Gov. Pete Ricketts sent to the U.S.-Mexico border l… Read more


Letter: By any other name ...

I taught critical race theory for years. But in those innocent times, I called it American history. Read more


Letter: City must act on grain elevator

I read with interest the Lincoln Journal Star ("His elevator is officially worthless, but owner won't let it go," July 13) regarding the sa… Read more


Letter: Value expertise; get the vaccine

Those of us who served in the military understood that multiple vaccines were an essential part of our service. They were all about protect… Read more


Letter: Governing or campaigning?

Gov. Pete Ricketts' administration sends over $50,000 of taxpayer money to a conman in India for death penalty drugs that will (thankfully)… Read more


Letter: Why send help to Texas now?

As a native Texan, I have a question regarding the deployment of law enforcement officers from your fine state to help with border security… Read more

National editorials

Over three decades of writing about immigrants and refugees, I've been called all sorts of names by both conservatives and liberals. Yet I can say with certainty that one thing I've never been called is "adorable."

People on the far left have become so predictable that their statements are no longer “breaking news.” They would be hilarious if they weren’t outrageous or if they didn’t contribute to the undermining of human rights and freedom in other countries.

Take a look at a question I raised last week in the Appropriations Committee, where I serve as ranking member on agriculture. I was speaking in support of an amendment to the ag appropriations bill that would block Communist China and its surrogates from purchasing U.S. farmland and would ma…

Former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube social networks is a lot like his presidency: full of sound and fury, signifying spectacular fundraising opportunities. 


Sioux City nursing home is among nation's worst, government says

Caitlin Yamada

A Sioux City nursing home with a long list of alleged violations that include staff ignoring residents' cries for help is among the nation's worst, according to a government agency.  Read more

Guest columnists

Cal Thomas: Congress still spending unhealthily

Is there anyone who can point to the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and credibly claim it is accomplishing the goals set for it seven … Read more

Catherine Rampell: AHCA defies GOP values

The Senate Republicans' health care plan, like the House Republicans' health care plan, is objectively terrible. Read more

Local View: Trump budget would shred safety net

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget would shred this nation’s social safety net. The National Association of Social Workers, Nebraska … Read more

John L. Micek: GOP has no health care ideas

t's time to own it, Republicans: You've had seven years to come up with a credible alternative to Obamacare. And when your clutch moment ca… Read more

Leonard Pitts: Broadcasting blacks' deaths

I wasn't going to write this. Read more