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Most loved this week

Omaha educator takes offense to 'Merica' dress day theme for Cozad schools' FFA week

Cozad parents in response showed up with the Stars and Stripes outside of Cozad High School Monday.

'It’s not just boys basketball in Winnebago': Winnebago girls stun No. 2 Malcolm to reach state for first time since 1990

Don't shoot more than 20 three-pointers in a game was Treivan Bear's rule. Then, he gave the green light —"Maybe I should have done it earlier."

Local View: Time for Nebraska to reform marijuana laws

The director of cannabis studies at Doane University and former Husker football player Grant Wistrom are among those who argue that improving Nebraska's marijuana laws can help sick Nebraskans, reduce property taxes and cut prison spending.

City looks for architect to envision new library for voters to decide on in 2022

Plans to turn the entire Pershing block into a new library didn't take off under Mayor Chris Beutler, but last year Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird selected a multi-faceted redevelopment proposal that included the library in its overall pitch.

Letter: Council wrong to halt discussion

Riley Johnson’s column ("Lincoln City Council prevents any talk about emergency declaration powers,…

Letter: Thomas had it wrong

Regarding Cal Thomas’ opinion piece in the Journal Star ("The Rush no one knew," Feb. 19), when he …


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