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Beyond Whiteclay: A Journal Star special report

In 2005, the Journal Star explored the impact of alcohol sales in the Nebraska village of Whiteclay on people from the nearby Pine Ridge In…

Shutting down Whiteclay just one step

PINE RIDGE, S.D. -- They sit on this stoop beneath a piercing sun, just like they did most summer days two miles to the south.

Experience the drive from Whiteclay to Rushville

Eileen Janis and Yvonne 'Tiny' DeCory battle youth suicide

PINE RIDGE, S.D. — She found the young boy playing outside his home, just off a road leading to the sculpted rock formations of the Badland…

Young warrior learns to 'watch, listen'

PINE RIDGE, S.D. — Robert Watters prayed, asking for guidance and wisdom from his creator, and then sprinkled tobacco over the logs stacked…

Watch: Sights and sounds of Whiteclay

One more mountain for the Lakota to climb

PINE RIDGE, S.D. -- The shadows of the past linger here.

Lasting legacy: From Dewing to Whiteclay, 1870-present

They came here first in the 1870s: farmers and ranchers seeking a better life in the Sandhills of northwest Nebraska. Others came, too, alc…

Listen: Robert Watters talks about his family

Watch: Flying over Whiteclay