Plenty of religion in government

I am responding to the recent letters of Oscar Blomstedt (“Don’t compromise values in schools,” Nov. 2) and William Boernke (“Church, state are separate for reason,” Nov. 6). Four hundred years ago the Pilgrims came to America. William Bradford, soon after arriving at Plymouth Rock, wrote the Mayflower Compact, “In God we trust.” The Bible was their manual and template for freedom and liberty. This had never been tried before in the history of the world.

For the next 200 years all Protestant denominations experienced freedom of religion. The men who established the 13 colonies were learned men of the Bible and prayed daily. No law or rule could be enacted unless it met biblical approval. You see, the Bible was the main textbook in the public schools for 175 years.

George Washington, the father of our nation, stated, “It is impossible to govern the world without God and the Bible.” Did you know that 52 of 56 signers of the Constitution were deeply committed Christians? Congress purchased and imported 20,000 Bibles to give to the people of this nation. Thomas Jefferson wrote on the front of his well-worn Bible, “I am a Christian.” In the early days, more than 100 universities started in America were created by protestant Christians. The two huge doors at the Supreme Court have the Ten Commandments engraved on them.

Mr. Boernke, the money you carry in your billfold and pocket has printed upon it, “In God We Trust.”

Also, Mr. Boernke, in the early 1960s the Democrats removed the Bible, Ten Commandments and prayer from the public schools and substituted the local police department with separation of church and state, which is the foundation of Communism and is not written in our Constitution.

Ronald Rieck, Lincoln

President hardly living up to office

In a recent letter (“Republicans can salute office, not man,” Nov. 5), the writer tried to rationalize his voting for the inexperienced and scandal-ridden Donald Trump by claiming he was “saluting the office.” A strange claim when he admitted he had to hold his nose while doing so.

But rather than “Saluting the office”, this president has brought shame to the office, and to this country that will take years to overcome. As the evidence against this unchristian man piles up, many Republicans appear to be sticking with this immoral president rather than supporting America and the Constitution. If impeachment proceeds to the Senate, Is there any question which side Nebraska’s Republican delegation will choose?

Ken Rousek, Lincoln


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