Ava Thomas President and Publisher 402-473-7146
Natalia Wiita Vice President of Sales 402-473-2643
Dave Bundy Editor 402-473-7334
Tim Ohnoutka Audience Development Director 402-473-7380


Natalia Wiita Vice President of Sales 402-473-2643
Marie Silfer Regional Sales Manager 402-473-7216
Staci Svendgard Regional Advertising Manager – Automotive/Marketing 402-473-7157
Jennifer Shannon Advertising Manager – Employment/Real Estate 402-473-7420
Mary Weixelman Regional Advertising Manager – Events / Operations 402-473-7442
Beth Corrick Loop Advertising Sales 402-473-7421
Tammy McFall Advertising Sales 402-473-7257


Tim Ohnoutka Audience Development Director 402-473-7380
Theresa Stanley Consumer Sales & Marketing Manager 402-473-7349
Miranda Gruber Circulation Administrative Team Lead 402-473-7344


Dave Bundy Editor 402-473-7334
Todd Henrichs City editor 402-473-7468
Shelly Kulhanek Assistant city editor 402-473-7253
John Schreier Assistant city editor 402-473-7434
Pat Sangimino Night editor 402-473-7391
Alex Lantz Weekend editor 402-473-7238
Victoria Ayotte Brown Online editor 402-473-7338
Chris Dunker Education/statehouse reporter 402-473-7120
Riley Johnson Local government reporter 402-473-2657
Cindy Lange-Kubick Columnist 402-473-7218
Matt Olberding Business reporter 402-473-2647
Lori Pilger Public safety reporter 402-473-7237
Margaret Reist Education reporter 402-473-7226
Peter Salter General assignment reporter 402-473-7254
Don Walton Political reporter/columnist 402-473-7248
L. Kent Wolgamott Entertainment reporter/columnist 402-473-7244
JoAnne Young State government reporter 402-473-7228
Sadiyah Ali News intern 402-473-7214
Samantha Bernt News intern 402-473-7241
Nick McConnell News intern 402-473-7223
Andrea Bukoske Newsroom clerk 402-473-7246


Clark Grell Sports editor 402-473-2639
Nate Head Digital sports editor 402-473-2646
Chris Basnett Husker basketball reporter 402-473-7436
Parker Gabriel Sports writer 402-473-7439
Ron Powell Sports reporter 402-473-7437
Steven M. Sipple Husker columnist 402-473-7440
Brent Wagner Sports reporter 402-473-7435
Timothy Gray 4023102936


Francis Gardler Photographer 402-473-2632
Gwyneth Roberts Photographer 402-473-2634
Justin Wan Photographer 402-473-2630
Emily Haney Photo intern 402-473-2648

Newsroom production

Pat Sangimino Night editor 402-473-7391
Zach Hammack Night content coordinator 402-473-7225
Julie Koch News content coordinator 402-473-7491
Rob Schlotterbeck Sports copy editor 402-473-7430
Timothy Weber Sports copy editor 402-473-7326

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