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The Mercantile

Customers and employees mill about at The Mercantile in Plymouth in November. The building is home to a wellness center and re-purposing shop. 

PLYMOUTH — Robin Hahn and Deb Weichel had asked Plymouth officials about renting a building separately.

But now, the two work together in operating The Mercantile, a building on Main Street in Plymouth. Hahn operates a re-purposing shop in the building, while Weichel runs Optimal Wellness, a health and wellness center.

Hahn previously operated out of a grain building, selling her crafts and re-purposed materials from a farm.

“I was just looking to expand and when this building came available, I thought it would be a good fit within the community,” said Hahn.

Deb Weichel does some of the crafting, too, but her focus is Optimal Wellness.

Weichel founded the center when she discovered a SpectraVision machine that her mother owned. The machine scans the body to read its "balance" and energy.

“It was really my daughter that initiated it," Weichel said. "She was having some social anxiety and problems in school. She developed a dairy allergy and it was all really affecting her. We’d been down the conventional medical route and was not liking the recommendations. Mom had the equipment sitting there and firmly believed in it.”

Weichel received training on how to read the data from the body scanner. Now, Weichel operates Optimal Wellness based around how the body is designed.

"I want to help people understand how their body is designed and how we should be living. If we don’t honor that, we are going to be experiencing symptoms,” said Weichel. “Education is the basis of it all. The seven laws of wellness are a big part of what I teach and living a lifestyle that is aligned with our design."

Judy Powell of Plymouth said the 48-day transformational diet the center offers has improved her health.

"I was very disciplined and changed the foods that I ate," Powell said. "I lost 7 pounds, although weight loss was not one of my goals. I have more energy and sleep better. My husband did it too, but he works with the railroad and it’s a little more difficult. We are both feeling a lot better.”

Hours for The Mercantile vary. To find out more, check its Facebook page.

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