How different infrastructure projects can affect home value

The topic of infrastructure has dominated a good portion of the news lately. So has the housing market. But have you ever thought about how the proximity of infrastructure to a home can impact its value — at least during normal times? It’s a worthy mental trip to take if buying or selling a home is in your future.

UpNest compiled a list of 10 wide-ranging infrastructure projects that can affect a home’s value using data from research papers and studies by associations. Some of these projects are generally beneficial to the price a home can sell for, others are detrimental, and some could go either way.

Of course, these external factors are among many variables that ultimately influence how much buyers think a home is worth. A house may score big points for facing a gorgeous fairway, but it will likely get dinged if it is full of old appliances and has insides begging for an extensive face-lift.

Since infrastructure projects to and around a home don’t always scream for attention, especially on paper, buyers would be well served to visit a property and its neighborhood, do online research, and ask agents about relevant infrastructure before submitting an offer.

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