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Reduce CO2 across the planet. Create better jobs in Nebraska.
At Monolith, we do both.
Work at Monolith. And join the mission. At Monolith, our mission is to create Technology for a Cleaner World.
We’re keeping that promise with first-of-its-kind technologies that will:
• Reduce the CO2 output of global carbon black production to zero. Why does this matter? Carbon black is found
in countless products, from the tires in your car to your home electronics to conveyor belts at your workplace.
• Create locally produced, carbon-free ammonia for fertilizer that will meet up to 20% of the needs in Nebraska
and the Corn Belt states, while reducing dependency on imports.
• Produce cost-effective, low-carbon hydrogen to help decarbonize many industries.
• Use only 100% renewable electricity, creating one of the region’s largest renewable energy projects.
We know the promise of a better planet starts with the reality of great jobs here at home. There may be one for you.
To find out, visit our careers page at