Details for ERNIES IN CERESCO - Ad from 2022-07-31

IN CERESCO Your Source for *Kinetico model S650XP BASED ON INDEPENDENT TESTING BY KINETICOS WORLD’S MOST EFFICIENT SOFTENERS PROVIDE MORE SOFT WATER FROM EACH BAG OF SALT THAN ANY OTHER SOFTENER YOU CAN BUY. SOME BRANDS CLAIM TO BE THE MOST EFFICIENT BUT KINETICO HAS THE DATA TO PROVE IT! SYSTEMS TO REMOVE: Hardness, Iron, Bad Taste & Odors, Sulfur, Chlorine, Nitrates, Lead, Chemicals, Bacteria, and more… ADVANCED FEATURES: No Electricity – No Timeclocks No wasted water, uses less salt Continuous treated water – 24 hrs. a day. Regenerates only as needed Unique twin tank design Most environmentally friendly Up to 60 Months Special Financing Available on Kinetico Water System Pkgs.* $200 TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE For your used softener Toward Kinetico Non-Electric System Limited time offer. *now through August 14th We bring you the world’s best drinking water system. RECOGNIZED BY FAMOUS CONSUMER MAGAZINE. For FREE Water Analysis and information on Kinetico Systems Phone Ernie’s Water Consultants at 402-665-3151 or visit us @