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SUN EXPOSURE AND VITAMIN D Vitamin D is an important nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium, supports nerves that carry messages to and from the brain, boosts the immune system, and plays a role in muscle movement. While the most well-known source of vitamin D is synthesis in the skin induced by sun exposure, many people wear sunscreen or avoid sun exposure altogether to reduce their risk of developing skin cancer. This raises the question as to how much sun exposure is needed to produce sufficient amounts of vitamin D. The answer depends on skin type and location. People with darker skin take longer to make vitamin D, while those living closer to the equator have more sun exposure. Supplements may be the answer. How do you balance the need for vitamin D and the need to protect your skin? Be smart and be vigilant. Choose foods high in vitamin D and consider a supplement, and wear hats, long sleeves, and appropriate sunscreen. Let us do what we do best—diagnose and treat your particular skin problems with knowledge, compassion, and upto-date techniques and equipment. Offering “A Family Tradition of Advanced Skin Care,” you can reach us at 402-421-3335. P.S. In Miami at noon during the summer, a person with medium skin tone would need to expose onequarter of his or her skin to sunlight for six minutes to get a sufficient amount of vitamin D, while someone in Boston with darker skin tone would need 2 hours. “Keeping your skin healthy and beautiful is a 30 year tradition.” South Lincoln Dermatology 2625 Stockwell • Lincoln, NE 68502

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