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RASH OR PRECANCEROUS LESION? While cancer-related skin rashes are caused by a cancerous or precancerous condition that produces abnormal skin changes, there are some non-cancerous rashes that are sometimes mistaken for cancer. It is important to be able to distinguish between the two. People with psoriasis will often experience persistent red patches that become scaly, dry out, crack, and even bleed. Rashes linked to skin cancer may appear to be similarly scaly and also crack and bleed, but they are more likely to contain oddly colored patches of skin and raised bluish or yellow bumps. The cancerous lesions and the skin may also have a waxy, shiny appearance and are more likely to be asymmetrical. We work hard to help you achieve that through evidence-based therapeutics and the latest in dermatology technology and equipment. Our doctors are trained to diagnose and treat skin cancers using state-of-the-art technologies. If you have concerns about your skin, consider professional attention. Care for your skin and call 402-421-3335 for skin cancer screening! P.S. Rashes caused by skin cancer will typically last much longer than other types of rashes, and the size and shape of the skin growth will usually change. “Keeping your skin healthy and beautiful is a 30 year tradition.” South Lincoln Dermatology 2625 Stockwell • Lincoln, NE 68502

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