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ANTIBIOTICS AND INFANT ECZEMA There are many reasons not to overuse antibiotics, beginning with the fact that antibiotic overuse has been linked to antibiotic resistance that occurs when bacteria mutate and develop immunity that eliminates the effectiveness of the medications designed to cure or prevent infections. There is also research showing that the use of antibiotics in early childhood may increase the risk of developing eczema by up to 40%. The research also indicates that each additional course of antibiotics may further increase the risk of eczema by 7%. Atopic eczema, the most common form of the disease, mainly affects children, but can develop later in life. About 80% of atopic eczema cases develop by age five, with many occurring by age one. To schedule a consultation, please call 402-421-3335. P.S. Children with eczema have a more diverse set of bacteria in their guts than non-affected children. “Keeping your skin healthy and beautiful is a 30 year tradition.” South Lincoln Dermatology 2625 Stockwell • Lincoln, NE 68502