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DEEP FREEZE TREATMENT When it comes to removing skin growths, fading age spots, and treating early stage basal and squamous cell carcinomas, the dermatologist is likely to apply frozen nitrogen in an effort to freeze the affected area. “Cryosurgery” freezes the skin quickly and then allows the treated area to slowly thaw, causing maximum destruction to targeted skin cells. Typically, liquid nitrogen is either sprayed on the skin or applied with a cottontipped applicator. There is no need for anesthesia prior to treatment, and dressings are usually not required afterward. Antibiotic ointment may be applied to the treated skin to prevent infection. After a few days of redness and blistering, the treated skin sloughs off to reveal an underlying area of smooth skin. Our dermatologists specialize in the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions, including skin cancer, acne, moles, warts, rosacea, psoriasis, photodamage, eczema and more. Contact us to schedule an appointment — we are here to help. To schedule a consultation, please call 402-421-3335. Offering “A Family Tradition of Advanced Skin Care.” P.S. While cryosurgery patients may experience a mild burning sensation “Keeping your skin healthy and beautiful is a 30 year tradition.” South Lincoln Dermatology 2625 Stockwell • Lincoln, NE 68502

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