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SKIN SENSE Presented by Rodney S. W. Basler M.D. Basler Dermatology 2625 Stockwell PSORIASISKNOW THE TRIGGERS, AVOID THE FLAREUPS While there is no cure for psoriasis, a dry, itchy condition caused by the overproduction of skin cells, it’s sometimes possible to shorten or avoid flareups by paying attention to specific triggers. Though different for everyone, flareups can be caused by stress, dry weather, cuts or scratches, diet, smoking, obesity, and some medications. Although not all of these can be avoided, once you know what your personal triggers are, you may be able to avoid them with a few lifestyle changes, such as staying hydrated, using a humidifier, staying out of the sun, and limiting alcohol intake. Quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy weight may be difficult, but they are best for your overall health . If you’re among the thousands who must deal with the day-to-day disruptions of a chronic skin condition like psoriasis, we invite you to call us, 402-421-3335. We will create a customized plan to help you alleviate the symptoms and effects of your skin condition. Our staff is experienced in the treatment of psoriasis, skin cancer, acne, moles, warts, eczema, rashes and other skin conditions. P.S. Stress relief activities like yoga and meditation have been shown to help shorten psoriasis flare-ups