Details for FREEDOM HEARING LLC - Ad from 2019-07-10

Are these two cell phones the same? Of course they both have one basic feature, but one can do so much more than the other... ...just like hearing aids We specialize in the WORLD’S ONLY TRUE BLUETOOTH HEARING AIDS! US THEM Think of this as a TWO-WAY street. The Bluetooth device connects/ communicates to your device AND the hearing aid does the same. With this, you have a true handsfree experience. Keep your phone in your pocket or purse to enjoy the convenience of true hands-free phone conversations CONNECTIVITY/ FUNCTIONALITY IS DIFFERENT Connecting hearing aid to Bluetooth device, such as iOS and Android smart phones (as well as other standard Bluetooth phones) Think of this as a ONE-WAY street. The Bluetooth device connects/ communicates to your device BUT the hearing aid does not do the same. When having phone conversations, you will have to hold your phone in your hand and place it to your mouth when talking. Advantages of the latest Bluetooth technology found at AHA Two-way conversations This listening and talking technology, which is available in select American Hearing products, makes conversations effortless and easy One-way listening Your hearing aids act like a receiver while listening to your TV, your music or watching videos PLUS with these true Bluetooth hearing aring aids, you will experience second-tonone speech understanding and eased ased listening ef effort in noisy environments. AND they’re RECHARGEABLE - handling batteries is a thing of the past. With it’s built-in battery, buying and changing batteries is eliminated. We carry the most advanced hearing aid technology plus make it the most affordable. We will match or beat any local competitors price on matching level technology. With American Hearing & Audiology, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re wearing the right hearing aids at the right price. LINCOLN - 3901 Pine Lake Road, Suite 217 (Bryan Medical Pine Lake Campus) (402) 385-5159

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