Details for FREEDOM HEARING LLC - Ad from 2021-02-17

WANTED: 51 PEOPLE To Try a Revolutionary new hearing instrument 51 PEOPLE WANTED IN LINCOLN WHO HAVE DIFFICULTY HEARING - Especially in noisy situations to evaluate a never before available hearing device, totally FREE! CANDIDATES WILL BE SELECTED: February 17th to February 26th Our Lincoln location has a select number of candidates that can participate. DO NOT HESITATE! We have a LIMITED number of instruments. Call to see if you are a candidate for this once in a lifetime program. American Hearing will perform a comprehensive hearing screening at NO Charge for qualified callers to determine if you are a candidate for the program. If selected, you will be asked to evaluate the latest revolutionary hearing aids for 7 days FREE. Thanks to their participation,participants that wish to purchase the instruments may do so at Tremendous Savings, plus receive a $50 VISA Gift Card. Call 402-858-8787 today - these offers end February 26th. YOU’LL EXPERIENCE:  Crisp, natural sound (even in the noisiest places) for you to enjoy upcoming gatherings as they should be heard.  Clear understanding of people speaking softly or from a distance.  Eased ability to follow conversations when noise is coming from the side and back.  Plus much MUCH more! RECHARGEABLE LINCOLN ................................... (402) 858-8787 (3901 Pine Lake Rd., Suite 217) Plus PAPILLION & Omaha Insurance could help pay for most or all costs. American Hearing participates with all major insurance providers. Call for more details. Plus Financing Available!