Details for FREEDOM HEALTHCARE - Ad from 2019-06-09

STOP KNEE AND JOINT PAIN FRE SE R START LIVING PAIN FREE! WANT TO AVOID KNEE SURGERY? CALL TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT **Other Treatable Areas: • Shoulders • Ankles • Hips • Thumbs • Elbow • Wrist 402.817.4868 KNEE TREATmENT • FDA APPROVED • EFFECTIVE IN 90% OF PATIENTS* • NON-SURGICAL • Covered by Medicare and most major insurance companies. *BASED ON STuDy By CLINICALTRIALS.GOV NCT01295580. 4500 S. 70th St. Ste. 116 | Lincoln, NE **TREATmENTS mAy BE COVERED my INSuRANCE

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