Details for CHIROPRACTIC NEUROLOGY & SPORTS REHAB LLC - Ad from 2021-05-05

CONTINUED NERVE PAIN AND TOLD TO “LIVE WITH IT”? CNS Rehab is here help those who have been told to “deal with it” because their healthcare provider is unaware of other treatment options available. We are successfully helping those with nerve pain by utilizing a powerful combo of nerve stimulation, nutritional fueling of the nerves and promotion of oxygen perfusion. This packs a powerful punch against neuropathy by ACTIVATING YOUR HEALING PROCESS not just covering up the symptoms. STOP the Nerve Pain Merry-Go-Round! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FUEL the tissue, Give it some OXYGEN & Provide good STIMULATION to address the cause and get you movin’ again Treatments offered at CNS Rehab are very often covered by Medicare and most insurances. Check out to get the details and see so many of the people we have been blessed to help so far. Please don't live in pain when we may very well have the solution you've been looking for all along. It’s no way to live, not when the key to your problem could be right in your own back yard. Reach out to us... We can help