Details for CHIROPRACTIC NEUROLOGY & SPORTS REHAB LLC - Ad from 2021-04-08

HOPE for Peripheral Neuropathy Sufferers Lincoln, NE—IMAGINE A PAIN-FREE LIFE AT LITTLE TO NO COST TO YOU! A break through NEW treatment is making this possible… and it may very well be fully covered by Medicare and most insurance plans! It’s called Combined Electrochemical Treatment or CET. Combined Electrochemical Treatments use electric and chemical signaling to reduce pain, numbness, and inflammation once and for all! It increases blood/ vascular supply and improves nerve/neuron health! Small skin biopsies and sensory testing are utilized to demonstrate its effectiveness with each patient. CET is backed by over 10 years of Research Studies proving its success! It’s helping our patients like nothing else we have seen in over 20 years of practice! CET is proven safe and affordable…and is helping our patients avoid surgery and having to take dangerous pain medications. This breakthrough treatment helps our patients get their life back! Patients are getting back to doing what they love! INSURANCE: We accept most insurance plans and Medicare! Don’t suffer another minute, call today to see if CET will help you! Call 402.420.2677 NOW! If you receive our voicemail, we are busy with patients, leave a message and we will return your call ASAP!