Details for ADVANCED RADIOLOGY - Ad from 2019-07-07

TREATMENT for Migraines, Cluster Headaches & Trigeminal Neuralgia The doctors of Advanced Radiology now offer SphenoCath, the most advanced treatment to relieve headache and trigeminal neuralgia pain. This effective outpatient treatment: • • • • • Takes only 15 minutes, with no needles Over 90% Efficacy Offers immediate and ongoing pain relief Is safe for children, adults and pregnant women Is affordable and covered by most insurance Learn more: 1-888-828-5424 Call: Online: Schedule a consultation to find out if SphenoCath can help you regain your life. The procedure is performed by: Michael Budler, MD; Jeffrey Himmelberg, MD; Kyle Pfeifer, MD; and John Allen, MD of Advanced Radiology. Advanced Radiology locations: • Crete • Lincoln • Fremont • Omaha • Grand Island • York • Kearney “Advanced Radiology is in no way associated with Advanced Medical Imaging”

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