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d E d n ExtE s n a r e Vet Day s l a i c spe Helping the world hear bet ter FREE HEARING SCREENINGS During Open House THIS WEEK ONLY! Monday - Friday Nov 18th - Nov 22nd Monday, Nov. 18th Tuesday, Nov. 19th Wednesday, Nov. 20th W 1 2 3 styles to choose from! 2 for$988 3 Call Today... aPPoinTmEnT TimES aRE limiTEd! Nov. 18th-22nd Only along with this incredible pricing, your local Beltone Hearing Center is offering a FREE Hearing Screening with no cost or obligation on your part. When you come in for your Free Hearing Screening, a Licensed Hearing Care Professional will ask you some simple questions to find out about the kind of hearing problems you may be experiencing. You will also receive a visual ear exam using a video otoscope, and your hearing will be tested using a series of sounds and words. Call your neighborhood Beltone Hearing Center today to schedule your FREE Hearing Screening. See firsthand why Beltone is the most trusted name in hearing healthcare. $850 off after your free trIaL of Amaze Rechargeable Hearing Aids Melisa Sternberg, H.I.S. Your Beltone Hearing Care Professional LINCOLN 3031 O Street, Suite 104 Also serving Syracuse & Savannah Pines Schedule an appointment today at a Beltone location below: CALL NOW FOR AN APPOINTMENT! 402-817-0575 BEATRICE FREmONT COLumBus 722 Court Street, 301 E. 6th (6th & D) 1551 23rd Ave. Suite 102 AuBuRN 1315 J Street OmAHA 8313 Cass St. GRAND IsLAND 721 West 7th Street