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Can’t hear the football game? Try the new Beltone Amaze FREE for 2 weeks! Helping the world hear bet ter A major name brand hearing aid provider has a special one-time offer- a FREE trial on a remarkable new hearing instrument in your area. Have you been telling yourself that you need new hearing aids, but you didn’t want to commit without knowing if they’re right for you? This offer is free of charge and you are under no obligation. These computerized digital hearing instruments use the latest technology. They are so small, they hide out of sight, while performing millions of precise calculations per second to give you the highest range of comfortable hearing. These instruments are clinically demonstrated to improve hearing in noisy environments. If you wish to participate/you will be required to have your hearing evaluated FREE of charge to determine candidacy. You will be asked to wear the hearing instruments and report the results to our trained specialists. After the evaluation, you may purchase your instruments, if you so desire, at a reduced price. Otherwise, there is no fee, whatsoever, for participating in this trial event. No-Interest payment plans will be available for this event. Lifetime care at ALL Beltone locations with ANY level of purchase! September 24th-September 26th Only! After your FREE TRIAL of Amaze Rechargeable Hearing Aids Bring in your Beltone gift card for $850 off the price of the new Amaze! Melisa Sternberg, H.I.S. Your Beltone Hearing Care Professional LINCOLN 3031 O Street, Suite 104 Also serving Syracuse & Savannah Pines Schedule an appointment today at a Beltone location below: CALL NOW FOR AN APPOINTMENT! 402-817-0575 BEATRICE FREmONT COLumBus 722 Court Street, 301 E. 6th (6th & D) 1551 23rd Ave. Suite 102 AuBuRN 1315 J Street OmAHA 8313 Cass St. GRAND IsLAND 721 West 7th Street

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