Details for UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT OMAHA C/O AKMARKETING - Ad from 2021-04-07 UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT OMAHA IMPACT ON NEBRASKA ECONOMY, WORKFORCE, AND JOBS LEADING RESEARCH ON THE PANDEMIC’S STATEWIDE IMPACT UNO’s Center for Public Affairs Research (CPAR) leads research efforts to track the pandemic’s impact on Nebraska’s businesses and their workforce. • Partnered with the State of Nebraska and a number of local and state organizations to conduct the Nebraska Business Response Survey exploring how Nebraska businesses responded to the pandemic. • Works with the Planning Committee of the Nebraska Legislature to track the pandemic’s economic impact through the Nebraska Economic Recovery Dashboard. © 2021 University of Nebraska at Omaha DEVELOPING BUSINESSES ACROSS NEBRASKA IN 2020 The Nebraska Business Development Center, based out of UNO with 10 locations serving more than 1,800 clients from Scottsbluff to Wayne, strengthens Nebraska businesses for prosperous communities and a healthy economy. 687 Jobs created and saved $66.5M Total sales increases Total statewide economic impact FOCUSING ON PROGRAMS IN HIGH-DEMAND FIELDS UNO’s highly-rated programs in high-skill areas position our graduates for high-wage careers in fields that the Nebraska Department of Labor has deemed vital to the state’s future. $488.2M Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Education Business Arts Source: Nebraska Business Development Center, 2020 Annual Report