Details for VOICES OF HOPE - Ad from 2020-10-17

A Fundraiser for Voices of Hope P SHO to STOP FAMILY VIOLENCE Thank you to the following local retailers that are donating 2% of their sales from Oct. 18-24, 2020 to Voices of Hope ( ♦ A NOVel IdeA ♦ rAcHel’s BOuTIque ♦ FrANcIe ANd FINcH ♦ reTAIl THerAPy ♦ GOldeNrOd PAsTrIes ♦ scArleT rAVeN TATTOO ♦ GOmez ArT suPPly ♦ sTem GAllery ♦ lITTle mOuNTAIN PrINT sHOPPe ♦ TeN THOusANd VIllAGes ♦ meIer’s cOrk ANd BOTTle ♦ THe mIll (All lOcATIONs) ♦ OmT! dIVINe WOmeN’s resAle ♦ Tsuru ♦ PAINT yOurselF sIlly ♦ THe uNIFOrm cONNecTION We also very much appreciate the support of the Business sponsors shown below. Talent Plus studio 951 Firespring