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PIEDMONTESE.COM 4841 N 84th Street Certified Piedmontese provides America with the rare Italian-heritage Piedmontese beef with a farmto-fork approach that ensures traceability, environmental sustainability, humane animal handling, and responsible resource management at every step. Our cattle are raised on family ranches across the Midwest. They are verified all-natural, never given antibiotics, steroids, or hormones to ensure our customers get top-notch beef that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or tenderness. Shop Beef Online True MIDWEST Beef Celebrate WITH Gift Box Collections Curated Certified Piedmontese beef collections are the most tasteful gifts this holiday season. Each has its variety of cuts, so it is easy to find the perfect combination at a great value! “I was overwhelmed Steak With Certified Piedmontese, you are paying for and tasting by the premium Italian-Heritage lean beef. There is simply no tenderness and reason to settle for less. Steak options include boneless, bone-in, and dry-aged cuts! flavor... Grass Fed Beef It was very Certified Piedmontese grass-fed, grass-finished beef is hard for me source verified, nutritious, high-quality tender beef raised humanely with the cattle and the land and its resources to believe in mind. There is simply no reason to settle for less when how healthy choosing your grass-fed, grass-finished beef. it was when Dynasty Selection compared to Certified Piedmontese grass-fed, grass-finished beef is source-verified, high-quality tender beef raised humanely other and responsibly in the Midwest. Get the best of nutrition and tastiness when choosing your grass-fed beef. breeds...” Timothy Parham TRUST PILOT Roasts Impress the dinner guests with succulent and juicy Certified Piedmontese cuts made for sharing. Verified all-natural and raised without hormones or antibiotics, it’s the healthier beef with incredible tenderness and taste. Ground Beef With the versatility of ground beef, you are sure to find your favorite blend for any dish. Certified Piedmontese Ground Beef brings a flavor, texture, and convenience that will leave you craving it for every meal! Assorted Cuts Only the best stew beef, steak tips, hot dogs, bratwurst, sausages, and more! Made with 100% premium all-natural beef, you will enjoy cuts that are brimming with flavor. Snacks & Seasonings Stock your pantry with some of our fan-favorite Certified Piedmontese staples! There are many ways to incorporate Certified Piedmontese into other aspects of your nutrition and kitchen, from snacks to seasonings. Once you try it, there’s no going back! PIEDMONTESE.COM Customer of Certified Piedmontese Featured ON Stock, Pricing, & Options Vary 4841 N 84th Street ∙ (800) 414–3487 FREE SHIPPING OVER $150. 2 DAY DOMESTIC SHIPPING.