Details for DILLARDS - Ad from 2019-08-09

GAME DAY ATHLETICS NIKE Tee. 16.99 Shorts. 19.99 Sizes s-xl, 7-16. NIKE Tee. 14.99 Leggings. 24.99 Sizes 2T-6X. UNDER ARMOUR Tee. $18 Shorts. $22 Sizes 2T-7. UNDER ARMOUR Tee. $30 Pants. $40 Sizes s-xl. join us for ’ Saturday, August 10 SET FOR THE 1ST DAY BONNIE JEAN RARE EDITIONS Tutu skirt top & leggings, 2T-6X. $40 Flip sequin top with leggings, 2T-6X. $35 Pleat dress, 7-16. $40 BONNIE JEAN Lace dress, 4-6X. $35 Cat 2-pc. set with leggings, 2T-6X. $36 Enjoy a full day of fun and activities! 2:00 PM Fashion Show Featuring the trends for back-to-school! Plus..Enter for a chance to win an Entertainment Pack valued up to $500. PICTURE DAY BONNIE JEAN FLAPDOODLES A-B-C-DENIM BONNIE JEAN Grey stripe dress, 7-16. $40 TAKARA Top, s-xl. $30 HOLLYWOOD MOA MOA Tee. $18 CELEBRITY PINK Jeans. $22 Jeans, 7-16. 27.99 Sizes 2T-7. Tee, s-xl. $24 CELEBRITY PINK Jeans, 7-16. 24.99 APPLY. SHOP. EARN REWARDS. Subject to credit approval. Visit POLO RALPH LAUREN Mesh polo. 34.99 Jeans. 39.99 Sizes s-xl, 8-20. REWARDS

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