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PAID ADVERTISEMENT LUCKY STATE RESIDENTS RUSH TO SNAP UP UNCLAIMED STATE VAULT BAGS FOR JUST PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR BEFORE THE DEADLINE ENDS Bags of Unclaimed Gold Bars handed over to NE residents NE among 7 states to get first dibs on State Vault Bags loaded with Solid Silver Bars layered in valuable 24 Karat Gold left unclaimed and now up for grabs for just pennies on the dollar for the next 48 hours Eligible states: NE, CO, IA, KS, MO, SD and WY residents cover just $49 per bar–non residents must pay $149 per bar if any remain after deadline “It’s like a run on the banks,” said Laura A ynne, U . S. C oin aand nd C urrency D irector A.. L Lynne, U.S. Coin Currency Director for National Mint and Treasury. ““You You ccan an b et yyour our b ottom d ollar eeveryone ver yone bet bottom dollar and their their brother brother will will be be trying tr ying to to get get and their hands ha nds these these Unclaimed Uncla imed State S t at e their Vault Bags,” said Lynne. T h at’s because b e cau s e for for the t he next nex t 48 48 That’s hours Unclaimed Unclaimed State State Vault Vault Bags Ba g s hours loade d with w it h 10 10 Solid S ol id Silver Si lver Bars Ba rs loaded layered in i n valuable va luable 24 24 Karat K a rat Gold G old layered bearing the the name name of of the the First First Bank Ba n k bearing of the the United Un it ed States Stat es of of America™ A mer ica™ of a re up up for for grabs g rabs for for pennies pennies on on the t he are dol la r since si nce thousands thousa nds of of U.S. U. S. resres dollar idents have have not not claimed, claimed, or or stand sta nd to to idents miss the the deadline deadline to to claim cla im the the State S t at e miss Vault Bags. Bags. Now Now any a ny resident resident of of the t he Vault s t at e s printed pr i nt e d in i n today’s t o d ay ’s publicapu bl ic a 7 states tion can can claim claim the the State State Vault Vault Bags Bags for for tion themselves and a nd keep keep all a l l the the valuable v a lu a b le themselves Bars found inside. A nd here’s here’s the the best best part. pa r t. If If you you live l i ve And in one one of of the the 7 states states listed listed in in today’s today ’s in publication you you cover cover only only the the minimum minimum publication set for for state state residents residents of of only only $49 $49 set p er bar ba r which wh ich totals t ot a ls $490 $ 49 0 and a nd per add s up up to t o just just pennies p en n ie s on on the t he adds dollar for for all all 10 10 Bars Bars sealed sealed away away dollar i n s ide these t he s e Unclaimed Unc l a i m e d State St at e inside Vau lt Bags. B a g s . That’s T h at ’s a real r e a l steal stea l Vault because residents residents living living outside outside of of because the designated desig nated 7 states states must must pay pay the $149 per per Bar Bar which which totals totals $1,490 $1,490 if if $149 any remain. “A s Director D i re c t or of of Coin Coi n and a nd CurCur“As rency for for National Nationa l Mint Mint and and TreaT rearency sur y I get get paid paid to to deliver deliver breaking br e a k i n g sury news . And A nd today’s t od ay ’s announcement a n nou ncement news. conf irming the release of Unc l a i m e d State S t a t e Vault Va u l t Bags B a g s to to Unclaimed state residents residents is is as a s big big as a s it it gets. get s . state A nd I’d I’d bet bet my my bottom bottom dollar dolla r these these And State Vault Vault Bags Bags get get snapped snapped up up by State r ese l l e rs , collectors, c o l l e c t o rs , dealers d e a l e rs and a nd resellers, anyone else else who who can can get get their their hands hands anyone on them,” Lynne said. “So my advice is this, anyone who gets an opportunity to get their hands on one of these Unclaimed State Vault Bags for just just pennies pennies on on the the dollar dollar better better jump jump for at the the chance chance while while they they still still can,” can,” Lynne Lynne at said. “ T h e s e State S t a t e Vault Va u l t Bags B a g s loaded loade d “These w it h Solid S ol id Silver S i l ver Bars B a r s layered l ayer e d in in with v a l u a b l e 24 2 4 Karat K a r a t Gold G o l d make m a ke valuable t h e most m o s t impressive i m p r e s s i v e gifts g i f t s for for the C h r i s t m a s , birthdays, b i r t hd ay s , graduag r adu a Christmas, t ion s , weddings, we dd i n g s , and a nd any a ny other ot her tions, occasion, especially especially for for that that hardh a rdoccasion, to-buy-for person,” Lynne said. According to to Ms. Ms. Lynne, Ly nne, since since According thousa nds of of U.S. U. S. residents residents have h av e thousands not claimed, c l a i m e d , or or stand s t a nd to t o miss m i s s the t he not dead l i ne to t o claim cl a i m the the State St at e Vault Vau lt Bags, Ba gs , deadline today and and tomorrow tomorrow are are intended intended as as a “spe“spetoday cial 48 hour release” for the benefit of persons living in; NE, CO, IA, KS, MO, SD and WY. This gives residents of those states a fair chance to claim the State Vault Bags and all the valuable Bars loaded inside for themselves. But, Ms. Lynne added, “The Unclaimed State Vault Bags are only available as inventory permits during the special 48 hour release so there’s no time to waste.” Lynne added, “Remember this, these State Vault Bags contain 10 half ounce Solid Silver Bars layered in valuable 24 Karat Gold and we have no power to stop dealers, resellers, collectors and the like from buying up all the Unclaimed State Vault Bags they can get their hands on,” Lynne said. Anyone who fails to obtain them during this special 48 hour release may be forced to buy them later in the secondary market from a dealer, reseller or collector if they can even find them. “The phone lines will be ringing off the hook. That’s why hundreds of agents are standing by to answer the phones beginning at 8:30 am this morning. We’re going to do our best, but with just 48 hours to answer all the calls it won’t be easy. So make sure to tell everyone to keep calling if all lines are busy. We’ll do our best to answer them all,” Lynne said. “That’s why the private National Mint and Treasury set up the State Distribution Hotlines in order to make sure residents in the 7 designated states listed in today’s newspaper publication can get them now,” Lynne said. The only thing readers of today’s newspaper publication need to do is make sure they live in one of the 7 states listed in today’s newspaper and call the State Distribution Hotlines before the special 48 hour release ends midnight tomorrow. ■ UNCLAIMED: 10 and 50 count Vault Bags now up for grabs for just pennies on the dollar VALUABLE: Certified precious metals United States Bars 50 COUNT COUNT JUMBO JUMBO BAGS: BAGS: 50 N ebraska rresidents esidents aare re rrushing ushing Nebraska to get get their their hands hands on on these these to Unclaimed State State Vault Vault Bags. B a gs . Unclaimed That’s because because they’re they’re loaded lo a d e d That’s with 50 50 Solid Solid Silver Silver Bars Bars layered layered with in valuable valuable 24 24 Karat Karat Gold. Gold. in The Jumbo Jumbo State State Vault Vault Bags B a gs The pic tured lleft eft aare re fflying lying o ut tthe he pictured out door because because you you get get 50 50 door Bars and and only only pay pay for for 40 40 Bars which adds adds up up to to just just which pennies on on the the dollar. dollar. pennies 10 10 COUNT CO U N T B BAGS: AGS: IIt’s t’s llike ike ffinding inding buried treasure. treasure. buried That’s because because these these That’s are the the only only State State Vault Vault are Bags loaded loaded with with Solid Solid Bags .999 Silver Silver Bars Bars layered layered in in .999 valuable 24 24 Karat Karat Gold Gold known known to to valuable exist. Lucky Lucky state state residents residents who who beat b ea t exist. the 48-hour 48-hour deadline deadline are are getting getting them them the for only only $49 $49 per per bar bar which which is is just just pennies pennies for on the the dollar dollar because because non-state non-state residents residents on must pay pay $149 $149 per per bar bar if if any any remain. remain. must NE, CO, IA, KS, MO, SD AND WY RESIDENTS: COVER JUST $49 MINIMUM PER BAR BEGIN CALLING AT 8:30 AM: 1-800-583-1106 EXT. USV1003 since thousands of u.s. residents have not claimed, or stand to miss the deadline to claim the state vault bags, national mint and treasury has reallocated the state vault bags as unclaimed and are now up for grabs for just pennies on the dollar for the next 48 hours. that means Nebraska residents along with 7 states can now claim the state vault bags each loaded with 10 half ounce solid silver bars layered in valuable 24 karat gold for themselves and keep all the valuable bars found inside. and here’s the best part, if you live in one of the 7 states listed in todays publication you’re getting them for $49 per bar which is just pennies on the dollar at only $490 for each 10 count state vault bag. that’s a real steal because residents living outside the designated 7 states must pay $149 per bar which totals $1,490 if any remain. NON STATE RESIDENTS: MUST PAY $149 PER BAR - IF ANY REMAIN DO NOT CALL UNTIL DEADLINE ENDS: 1-800-763-5120 USV1003 if you are a resident living outside of the 7 states listed in today’s publication you are required to pay $149 for each bar for a total of $1,490 plus shipping and handling for each 10 count state vault bag. R1049R-1 NATIONAL MINT AND TREASURY, LLC IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE U.S. MINT, THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, A BANK OR ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY. IF FOR ANY REASON WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM SHIPMENT YOU ARE DISSATISFIED, RETURN THE PRODUCT FOR A REFUND LESS SHIPPING AND RETURN POSTAGE. THIS SAME OFFER MAY BE MADE AVAILABLE AT A LATER DATE OR IN A DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION. OH RESIDENTS ADD 6.5% SALES TAX. NATIONAL MINT AND TREASURY, PO BOX 35609, MASSILLON, OH 44735 ©2021 NATIONAL MINT AND TREASURY