Details for LJS CIRCULATION - Ad from 2019-11-09

Want to see your child’s face light up
this holiday season? Send him or her a
personalized Letter from Santa!

All Letters from Santa orders
personally addressed envelope
customized message
special P.S. from Santa

For a small donation of just $10 to
the Newspapers In Education program, your
child will receive a personalized Letter from
Santa. Upgrade your order to include an official Santa’s Nice List Certificate along with the
personalized letter from Santa for only $15!

‘Nice List’ Certificate- $15
Includes everything from the letter
Hurry, all orders must be received by no
PLUS a certificate that they’re on
later than Monday, December 9.
Santa’s Nice List
Or order at

Pick ONE:

Letter ($10)

Letter PLUS Certificate ($15)

Child’s Name _____________________________________ Boy ___ Girl ____
Mailing Address _____________________________________________________
Biggest Accomplishment of 2019 __________________________________
Toy child would like to have ________________________________________
City and State child will be in on Christmas________________________
Special P.S. from Santa (will appear in letter to child) __________________
Contact Name ____________________________ Phone (___)____________
Relationship to child _______________________________________________
Contact Billing Address _____________________________________________
Must be received in office by December 9, 2019. Letters will arrive by December 21st.

Mail To:
Lincoln Journal Star
Attn: Santa
926 P Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 473-7349

__________ Check/M.O. Enclosed

Make payment to: Lincoln Journal Star

Credit Card # _________________________
Expiration Date _______________________
CVV # _______

*The CVV number is a threedigit security code printed
on the back of your card. We
cannot accept your donation
without it.

*All proceeds benefit the Newspapers In Education program.


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