The Lincoln Stars hit the ice in full stride for Monday's first official practice of the season, and first-year head coach Cody Chupp was quite pleased with the intensity and outcome.

"I thought the pace was amazing," Chupp said. "Guys were (moving) up and down the ice very well for not being in an organized practice for quite a while.

"On top of that, I thought we executed probably better than I expected us to for our first practice. Guys made a lot of great plays, and at the end of the day we got what we needed to out of our first day."

After a few days of workouts before the players took to the ice, jitters and nerves were out of the way by Monday for new players and the new coaching staff.

"I wasn't too nervous on my side of it, but more excited to get out there and have an opportunity to be on the ice with these guys," Chupp said.

The Stars players came off a couple of days of physical testing, where Chupp saw most pass with flying colors. Early practices are to help get comfortable with each other, along with getting in shape.

"It's no question guys had great summers, and put in a lot of work over the summer," Chupp said. "It showed in tests and it showed in their practice today. It was a high-tempo practice and guys looked good at the end.

"The tempo and the work ethic is really what we wanted to get into today. We will get into the teaching stuff more as we go. We got into a little bit of it today, but that is a process that takes some time and is gradual. What I was impressed with today was their work ethic and ability to make plays with speed, and that is the name of the game."

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