Friendship proves stronger than big antlers

2010-11-20T22:55:00Z 2010-11-21T00:50:51Z Friendship proves stronger than big antlersBy JOE DUGGAN / Lincoln Journal Star
November 20, 2010 10:55 pm  • 

SEWARD -- Lifelong friends Kellen Meyer and Jordan Owens each shot the deer of a lifetime last week.

But even more remarkable than their 220-class nontypical whitetail is the fact that the men are still buddies.

You see, Meyer and Owens shot the same deer of a lifetime.

But instead of fighting over who should claim to the trophy, they simply decided to share it.

"We're just splitting him down the middle with a chain saw," Meyer said.

Joking, ya'll, he was just joking about the chain saw. Not about sharing the trophy.

Here's how it went down:

The 26-year-old hunters took Wednesday off to devote a full day to the rifle season. After an unsuccessful morning, they drove into Seward for lunch. But instead of killing time until late afternoon like the usually do, they decided to hunt another draw right after lunch.

"We always heard how big deer move over the noon hour, so we wanted to give it a try," Meyer said.

Shortly before 1 p.m., they set up about 100 yards away from each other on opposite sides of a wooded draw in Seward County. The friends could actually see each other.

About 30 minutes later, the saying about big bucks at midday in the rut paid off.

"He kind of came over the hill," Owens said, explaining that he figured it was a nice 5x5 buck.

"We both saw the deer at the same time," Meyer added. "And we both shot and missed."

Meyers blamed his miss on buck fever, pure and simple.

"I always need a warmup shot," he said.

Both men cleared their empty cartridges and fired again. This time, the big buck went down.

As they walked up to the deer, there was no ground shrinkage. A quick count revealed 20 points.

And two entrance wounds.

Joel Helmer, a certified Boone and Crockett scorer from Seward, gave the rack a green score of 228. It will be officially scored again after a 60-day drying period.

In six years as a scorer, Helmer has seen nothing like the Meyer-Owens buck.

"Oh, my goodness sakes, it's an unbelievable deer," Helmer said. "The typical frame on that deer is just unbelievable."

The buck has a 10x10 rack with massive circumference, he said. Without deductions, it scored a 208 typical. For reference, the world record scores 211.

But because of deductions, the deer would score under 175 typical, which is why it makes more sense to score it as a nontypical, Helmer said. But the deer has a good chance of cracking the top 10 for the category in Nebraska's record book.

Meyer, a seed corn representative, and Owens, a farmer, said they plan to sell the trophy. But not before each man gets a reproduction made for his wall.

Proving that shared deer hunting glory is just as good as having it all to yourself.

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