Husker coach Yori fined for careless driving

2013-10-31T15:10:00Z 2013-11-01T14:15:07Z Husker coach Yori fined for careless drivingBy the Lincoln Journal Star

Husker women's basketball coach Connie Yori was fined for careless driving for allegedly scraping a car in a campus garage before the Southern Miss football game.

Charlotte Evans, assistant chief of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police, said on Sept. 7 a witness saw Yori's 2012 Chevrolet Equinox bump the rear driver's side of a 2007 Ford Escape while she backed into a spot in the garage at 14th and Avery streets.

When Yori parked and left without leaving a note, the witness left one on the Ford, with a description of Yori's SUV and what happened.

Evans said the owner, a student, called UNL police later to report it, and showed the officer a superficial paint-transfer mark on her vehicle. She said the officer estimated the damage at $200.

When police contacted Yori about it, she recalled bumping the car but said she didn't think it had caused any damage.

"She was very forthcoming and cooperative," Evans said.

They ticketed her on suspicion of failure to leave information, and the Lancaster County Attorney's Office charged her with careless driving, an infraction.

The office dismissed a charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

An athletic department spokesman said Yori paid a fine of $98 and that her insurance covered the cost of repairs to the other vehicle.

Yori is in her 12th year as Husker head coach.


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