Nebraska junior slot receiver Jamal Turner remembers well his first game in Memorial Stadium, back in 2011.

The opener that year was against Chattanooga. He caught one pass, a 19-yard gain that he nearly broke for a big play.

“I was so hyped. I was going crazy,” Turner said. “I was kind of shaking. I was almost scared. I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t think it was going to be that loud. I’m excited to see how the freshmen are going to take it, with it being even louder than when I first came.

“I want to see their reaction and how they come out and play.”

Tight end Cethan Carter and running backs Terrell Newby and Adam Taylor are the true freshmen on offense who could see action Saturday – especially Carter and Newby.

Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez said Monday he hopes the freshmen remember the plays. Yes, that can be an issue. It was an issue for Turner, who joined the program in January of 2011 as a quarterback but quickly made the switch to receiver. As a freshman, he had 15 receptions for 243 yards.

“My freshman year, it was hard learning the plays,” Turner said Tuesday. “I would line up wrong all the time. I don’t know if you guys (reporters) saw it, but a lot of times I would be running a whole different play than everybody else. That’s what we do not want. We have some (freshmen) who have to play. We’re going to have to throw them in there.

“Hopefully, they stay in their playbook and they’re ready to go come Saturday.”