Much has been said and written about how Nebraska's familiarity with the Big Ten in Year 2 could be a benefit.

But take a look at that non-conference schedule and notice something interesting. All of Nebraska's first three non-conference opponents have new head coaches.

Southern Miss has Ellis Johnson. UCLA has Jim Mora Jr.  Arkansas State has former Auburn O-coordinator Gus Malzahn (pictured). All new sheriffs in their respective towns.

That can present a challenge, Bo Pelini said.

"But it helps you concentrate on yourself because you look at the opener and you're not exactly sure what to expect, what exactly UCLA is going to be," Pelini said. "Because not only do you have coaches that change, but how are they going to adjust with their personnel?

"For us, we have to be able to react early in games and make our adjustments accordingly. But at the same time the advantage we have is they are new staff so they're going to be going through some growing pains too."

Pelini said he has "been very impressed" watching some of Nebraska's non-conference teams on film. It will be good preparation for Big Ten play, he thinks.

And a bit of a guessing game, too.

"I much prefer to play teams that I have a pretty good idea what they're going to do," he said. "And with Southern Miss, especially in that opener, you can do your homework and try to project but there's going to be a lot of projection involved."

Whether non-conference or conference foe, Pelini said his coaches have been going through opponents "with a fine-tooth comb" this offseason.

"There's some things we changed months ago because of some our experiences from (last) year. You do that regardless of whether it's your first year in the Big Ten or last year in the Big 12. You take your experiences and what you know and use it to make you better."