It was a rather uneventful post-practice session on Saturday, as Bo Pelini met with media in between the first of two practices on the day.

Pelini described it as "a  good week," with progression made but still a long ways to go.

"It's about where you'd expect to be at this point."

Some tidbits:

* Pelini said there will be some scrimmaging in tonight's practice, though the whole practice will not be dedicated to it.

"We're not at that point. I like where we are. Still have a lot of teaching to be done."

*As for what true freshmen running back Adam Taylor and Terrell Newby can bring to the table this fall?

"It's still a little early to tell but I know they have the talent to do it," Pelini said. "Sometimes at the running back position, it's a little more instinctive position. There's maybe not quite as much to learn.

"Probably the biggest difference for guys as far to being able to execute at running back is being able to handle the protection aspect of it. Because a lot of them haven't been asked to do as much in protection as you have your backs do at this level. That's a big part of it."

Pelini said he's comfortably using any young player "who shows me we can trust them and they're ready to go."

* Tommy Armstrong has "basically been going full go" the last couple practices, Pelini said.

The redshirt quarterback had his knee cleaned out recently, a procedure that Pelini said was standard and not because of a recurring injury.

"We've slowly worked him into it and he's feeling better and better every day."

* With Jake Long out for a couple weeks with injury, coaches have been closely examining young tight ends like Cethan Carter, David Sutton and Jared Blum.

"I like the guys at that position," Pelini said.

The coach said Carter has "already opened some eyes" at camp.

* Jake Cotton has been bogged down by knee injuries in the past. But Pelini said the offensive guard is feeling healthy and has played well so far this fall.

* Pelini said JUCO Matt Finnin has talent, but isn't as far along as the veteran tackles around him like Jeremiah Sirles, Brent Qvale and Andrew Rodriguez.

"We don't expect him to be (there)," Pelini said. "But he's shown some good things."

* Pelini has changed the media access schedule for the rest of fall camp. Access will now be Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday instead of Monday/Wednesday/Saturday. NU spokesman Keith Mann said Pelini preferred to hold the sessions on single-practice days instead of between two-a-days.

The biggest difference is that players will be available one day each week as opposed to two as they were on the initial fall camp media plan.

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