Many current and former Huskers who have played for Bo Pelini are coming out in force on Twitter in support of their coach.

"(If) you didn't boo, or have never said anything negative then u shouldn't care. Life's too short for this petty sensitive garbage," junior wide receiver Kenny Bell tweeted to his more than 31,000 followers.

Ben Cotton tweet: "I will always be proud to say that I played for coach Bo Pelini and his staff. We all have his back like hes had ours."

Then one of the favorite Huskers of all time weighed in. Rex Burkhead posted this tweet about that 2011 Ohio State game that produced the damning audio: "Coach Bo was mad at the fans who were booing and left the game early. Why wouldn't he? Those fans gave up on us. I was ticked!"

Another Burkhead tweet: "Coach Bo would do anything for every single one of his players! Thinking about firing him? You've got to be kidding me!

Punter Sam Foltz offered this...

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