An admittance of the truth: I truly am blogging from Mom's basement.

I feel like I'm in high school again, working on a term paper, typing this out from the desk at my parents' house in Omaha.

Soon enough, a plane flight from Eppley to O'Hare to O-hi-o.

But first, some tidbits from this morning's Big Red Breakfast here, which was headlined by running backs coach Ron Brown.

* Brown said senior running back Rex Burkhead is still wearing the knee brace.

"He wants out of that thing so bad but we won't let him out of it."

While Burkhead is closing in on getting back to 100 percent, Brown felt the running back still “wasn’t really all of Rex last week” against Wisconsin in his second week back from a sprained MCL.

“But he still had 18 carries for 86 yards against one of the best run defenses in the country,” Brown said. “That’s not bad for a guy who’s a little bit off. And he’s only getting better. He’s only getting back coming off that knee (injury).”

The coach had plenty of praise about both Burkhead and Ameer Abdullah.

Brown said the reason teammates love Burkhead so much is because he’s the same guy every day.

“The guy you see running like a wild animal during games is the same guy that runs that way during practice on Tuesday,” Brown said. “You can’t tell the difference between a practice session and game session with him.”

* Abdullah may be just 185 pounds, but he can squat more than 500, Brown said.

The sophomore arrived to Lincoln weighting 173. "He's a rocked up 185. There ain't nothing on him but muscle," Brown said.

* Speaking of Abdullah, the running back is one tough critic when it comes to analyzing his own play.

Despite the fact he had "a great game," according to Brown, Abdullah texted his coach after the Wisconsin game and told him he felt horrible and was disappointed in how he played.

Well, yes, Abdullah did have that one fumble in the fourth quarter that Taylor Martinez scooped up.

But he also averaged 10 yards a carry, had an 80-plus-yard kick return and received a game ball after the game.

Not quite horrible, but Brown sure likes his running backs never-satisfied attitude.

Much more coming from Brown in a breakfast story.

I'll also focus on the 1-2 punch Rex and Ameer in my Saturday story.