You haven't read a story about a recruit committing to the Huskers in a while, have you?

Safety Aaron Williams of Atlanta was the last. He pledged to Nebraska back on May 15.

NU had nine commitments for the 2015 class by April 9. Now they have 10, one less than a couple months ago actually. This isn't perhaps much of a surprise, mind you. And, honestly, shouldn't be of much concern just now either. In a smaller Husker class -- what? maybe 16-18 total? -- it figured a slow beat was going to take over the summer months.

But it's interesting to contrast the pacing of this year's class compared to last year's, which got a commitment from Luke Gifford in March and then nothing until June, when NU piled up 10 commits between June 7-July 5.

Those commits: Drew Brown, Tanner Farmer, Zack Darlington, Trai Mosley, Mick Stotlenberg, D.J. Foster, Demornay Pierson-El, Freedom Akinmoladun, Monte Harrison and Larenzo Stewart. That gave NU 11 commits at this time a year ago. Remember also that was a class open for more targets, with the Huskers ultimately signing 24.

This year's class, on the other hand, had six commits by March 1. June? There were two Big Red Weekends but no pledges immediately following.

But the dry spell shouldn't have Nebraska fans thinking much differently about this class than they were a couple months ago. It's still the same guys so many people really liked a couple months ago, after all. And the class is already more than half full with gameday visits of the fall yet to occur.

That said, those recruiting rankings do care about class size. Nebraska's Top 10 nationally-ranked class of a few months ago is now 24th by Rivals, 26th by Scout and 29th in the by 247Sports' composite rankings. (The class was rated as high as 7th by Rivals after the Daishon Neal commitment in April.)

What to make of that drop? Well, it's obviously better pub to be 9th than 29th. But other than that, not much, I'd suggest. It was predictable. This class, and the smaller size it was going to take on from the outset, was going to always have difficulty hanging in that Top 15 realm.

In this recruiting cycle for Nebraska, quality had to come through in a big way (as though it's ever any different) since winning the quantity battle wasn't an option.

As that goes, the average star rating of Nebraska's 10 recruits according to Rivals is 3.44, which ties for 12th nationally. The team tied with NU is Texas A&M, which is ranked No. 2 by Rivals because its star ranking average is based off of 18 recruits compared to Nebraska's 10.

So while the summer booms have been left to the firework artists around town, most of whom apparently live on my block and have forever become enemies of my dog, this Husker class still stacks up neatly in the quality component. That'll have to be the way it is until signing day -- quality winning the day.

The lesser fireworks you have to set off, the noisier each needs to be.

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Brian graduated from UNL and has covered Husker football since the Solich years. He's in his tenth year as the NU football beat writer for the Journal Star.