Pelini not big on talking SEC

2013-07-25T10:20:00Z 2013-08-22T23:08:39Z Pelini not big on talking SECBY BRIAN CHRISTOPHERSON / Lincoln Journal Star

Two hours is a long time to sit at a round table. By the end, a football coach could find himself talking about Hy-Vee's meat selection.

For the record, Bo Pelini approves.

As for the pre-meat talk, well, there were a few nuggets here and there that we'll post in the hours and days to come.

Among them: In addition to Nebraska's permanent captains, the Huskers will have players who serve in what you might classify as assistant captain roles.

The roles of these assistant captains is more position group oriented, with certain guys picked to serve as a leader/teacher to others at his position.

So there's that.

Other things?

The only time I saw Pelini get riled up was when a reporter asked him if he saw the Big Ten getting closer to bridging the gap to the SEC.

Pelini doesn't care for those general conference conversations.

"You talking about Alabama?" Pelini said. "I guarantee there are a lot of teams in the SEC that aren't Alabama that wish they were Nebraska, wish they were Michigan, wish they were Ohio State. Don't talk to me about the SEC. ... You know, the whole SEC isn't Alabama, it isn't LSU, it isn't Georgia. Let's talk about certain teams. ... There are some teams in the SEC that are trying to bridge the gap to be us. Everybody wants to lump the whole SEC into one category. Let's not go there."

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