Husker coach Bo Pelini said after Thursday's practice it's "business as usual" for him and his team this week even amid the drumbeat of speculation outside the program walls about the future of the coaching staff.

Pelini ran down the injury outlook and gave opinions on various players before a reporter asked him about a quote in a USA Today article.

The quote in the article read like this: "You know what? People are gonna say what they want to say. I really don't care. If they want someone – if somebody wants someone else – so be it. I'll move on. I know what I know, and I believe in what we're doing. I believe in how we're doing it. We do it the right way here. That's about it. That's all you can do."

Pelini said he hadn't read the article, but said that sentiment is nothing he hasn't expressed before, which is accurate.

The coach said there's no reason to read any deep meaning into it.

"I've said that all along. If they ever make the decision -- which I don't anticipate that -- but if they ever make that decision, they make that decision," he said Thursday. "Don't read anything into it. I've gotten support. I continue to get support, and go from there. I have a lot of respect for the process that's going on.

"Shawn (Eichorst) has a process he goes through. I have total respect for that. I just do my job. That's the only way I look at it. I don't know exactly what was quoted, or what was read into it, but don't read anything into it. You know me, I'm black and white. It is what it is."

Has he been receiving feedback from the athletic director Eichorst?

"I don't need feedback from Shawn. I get support from Shawn," Pelini said. "Yeah, I get feedback. He comes out to practice. It's business as usual around here."

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