Papuchis mulls new recruiting rules

2013-02-11T10:54:00Z 2013-02-11T11:45:40Z Papuchis mulls new recruiting rulesBy STEVEN M. SIPPLE
February 11, 2013 10:54 am  • 

John Papuchis would like to see the recruiting process slow down.

He would like to see recruiting return to the days when most prospects waited until their senior seasons to choose programs.

High school prospects can't make official campus visits until they are seniors.

"Once we get them on campus, we have a great shot," Papuchis said. "But until we get them on campus, Nebraska seems just like a faraway place in the North."

Might the process slow down? Papuchis, the NU defensive coordinator, doesn't see that happening, especially with the new NCAA recruiting rules that will take effect Aug. 1. Here is a column regarding the rules changes that ran in our Sunday editions.

With the rule changes -- especially the one allowing unlimited contact between coaches and prospects -- Papuchis is concerned many prospects will want to rush to get the recruiting process finished, because they'll get worn down by all the calls, texts, el al.

"If kids want to end it earlier, because they're sick of getting 300 phone calls a night, that doesn't help us," Papuchis said.

Does Papuchis like anything about the unlimited-contact rule?

"You can be a lot more hands-on and aggressive," he said. "The fact you can call every day and text every day means you have the opportunity to out-work somebody. Part of recruiting is out-working people.

"But like I said, the drawback is the faster kids make decisions, the more regional decisions they make, and I don't want regional decisions to happen because we recruit kids from far away."

Papuchis mentioned the idea of allowing high school juniors to take official campus visits. That might help Nebraska's plight.

"I just know we have to make sure we do a good job of finding the Kevin Maurices, the Ernest Suttles, the Boaz Josephs -- the guys who are really talented but kind of under-recruited -- and making our hay with them."

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