If there is a Big Ten sport, Michigan has a team for it.

And it's likely a pretty good team.

The Wolverines' average Big Ten finish for 2012-13, among their 25 men's and women's teams, was 4.04, tops in the conference.

Nebraska's 21 teams had an average finish of 5.57, good for sixth place -- the same spot the Huskers occupied in 2011-12.

Michigan won Big Ten championships in softball, men's gymnastics, women's cross country, women's tennis and men's swimming.

Nebraska picked up a big first place with its divisional crown in football. The Huskers' other Big Ten titles were in women's gymnastics, men's outdoor track and field and women's tennis.

The Huskers were runners-up in volleyball, women's basketball, baseball, softball, and women's indoor track and field.

Iowa, meanwhile, languishes in the cellar, with an average finish of 7.58. Only Iowa and Michigan State failed to win a title of any sort.

The tally: 1. Michigan 4.04; 2. Minnesota 4.43; 3. Ohio State 4.64; 4. Penn State 4.92; 5. Illinois 5.24; 6. Nebraska 5.57; 7. Wisconsin 6.10; 8. Indiana 6.22; 9. Northwestern 6.29; 10. Michigan State 6.83; 11. Purdue 7.35; 12. Iowa 7.58.

(Special thanks to city editor Todd Henrichs for compiling this data).