Last week you heard a voice from the opposing side talking trash about Taylor Martinez.

Quite the opposite this week from Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, who called the Nebraska quarterback one of the best runners he's ever seen at the quarterback position on Tuesday's Big Ten coaches' teleconference.

“You will see two of the finest athletic quarterbacks in America on the field this weekend," Meyer said.

If you want Meyer's full breakdown of Nebraska, here's the transcript of what he said yesterday at the Ohio State press conference when asked about the Huskers:

"Dynamic quarterback. Had a 92 yarder on the one I just flipped on. I didn't watch a lot of offense yet. I do that on Thursday. Very good defense, very sound. Much different defense than we've faced all year. The two gap, the defensive tackles are very active players. They have one guy that's 48, very active in the pass rush. They've had a very good pass rusher.

"The combination coverages are hard to figure out. They get no drops. When I pause the film sometimes when the quarterback is in the top of his drop, they get no depth. They're looking to receivers. They're all pattern match, as opposed to zone coverage teams do this. They don't move. They just read in routes.

"So the thing that's difficult about that, a lot of times their base stuff doesn't work against that. So we have to try some new things. I don't want to say immature team, but we're young. My head's kind of spinning right now because I just walked out of a meeting room that we're going to have to do some things that we haven't done. I'm not sure how we'll adapt to that. I'm glad it's home."