It was an interesting question.

Does Taylor Martinez consider himself a pass-first quarterback?

Remember, this was the guy who sprinted up and down fields as a freshman.

It's also the guy who completed 26 of 34 passes for 354 yards Saturday.

"I love passing the ball," Martinez said Monday. "I'd rather run second, throw first."

So, yes, the Southern Miss game suited him just fine.

"Hopefully, every week we can keep throwing the ball 34 times a game -- that would be awesome," he said.

He said he always has been a pass-first guy.

More from Martinez:

*** He anticipates having 40-50 family and friends at Saturday's game. It depends largely on how many tickets he can get from teammates.

*** He's never played a game in the Rose Bowl, but has attended a few games at the big stadium in Pasadena, Calif.

*** UCLA recruited him as a free safety.

"They never offered me," he said. "I was kind of disappointed about that. I'm glad I get to go back there and play them."

Is he motivated by the fact UCLA passed on him?

"A little bit, but not really just because I'm kind of happy I came to Nebraska now," he said.

*** He "loved" UCLA football growing up as a kid, he said.