Nebraska's offense entered this season thinking in terms of a 50/50 run/pass ratio (after rushing about 70 percent of the time last season).

Through six games, however, the Huskers have run the ball 65.2 percent of the time.

"I just think we're a good running football team -- not that we're not a good passing team," offensive coordinator Tim Beck said Monday. "We're just trying to establish positive yards on first down and trying to keep us out of long-yardage situations.

"Sometimes it's predicated on how teams play you. There are a lot of circumstances that go into deciding what you're going to run and how you're going to run it, and what you need to do to try to win the game."

Beck noted Nebraska threw for 214 yards and rushed for 223 against Ohio State. "I'd say that's pretty balanced," he said.

More from Beck:

-- He said the bye week was good for Nebraska's players both mentally and physically.

"Obviously, we try to push them and drive them hard and expect perfection from them every day when they're out here in practice or meetings or whatever," he said.

"I think it was some good time off. We had a chance as coaches to really evaluate where we are and look for tendencies and also be able to evaluate our opponent and come up with the best plan possible for this game."

-- Beck indicated senior wideout Tim Marlowe, sidelined since the season-opener with a broken collar bone, will see ample playing time Saturday.