U.S. Senior Freestyle World Team Trials, 6/10

Jordan Burroughs of Lincoln, Neb. reacts after coming back from one match down to defeat Kyle Dake of Ithaca, N.Y. in the 74 kg/163 lbs. match on Saturday, June 10, 2016, during the U.S. Freestyle World Team Trials at Devaney Sports Center.


Jordan Burroughs knows how to win.

He spent Monday sharing that knowledge with some words of wisdom with the Buffalo Bills, one of his favorite NFL teams, in Rochester, New York.

"Everybody makes money, not everybody makes history," Burroughs told the Bills players. "Right now you have that opportunity."

Like most players in the NFL, Burroughs went on speaking on how it started as a dream as a young kid. Thinking back to the days when sports were about being fun and not a job.

"I started wrestling when I was five years old, I'm 29 now," Burroughs said. "So for 24 years, I've been in the game and for really 20 of them, I never got paid.

"You know what's cooler than being the richest guy in the room? Being the toughest guy in the room. Thursday is a long journey for a lot of you, and a short journey for some of you, but you still have the opportunity to play your ass off and prove to people you can play at the next level."

Burroughs continued with how he has learned to win on the wrestling mat, and can see that it can be applied to the gridiron.

"Discipline, focus, endurance is what it takes to be the greatest at this sport," the ex-Husker wrestler said. "The difference between the greats and the legends is their ability to focus for longer periods of time.

"Focused endurance. A wrestling match is six minutes. In the first minute everyone is tough, the second minute guys starting to wear down a little bit more. Fourth minute this guy's, tired and fifth and sixth minute. ... put the hammer on 'em and dominate."

The Olympic gold medalist finished by breaking down the Bills practice.


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