Red-White Spring Game, 4/15

Nebraska defensive coordinator Bob Diaco hugs defensive lineman Dylan Owen (76) after the Red-White Spring Game on Saturday, April 15, 2017, at Memorial Stadium.


Game Ball: Give it to Wyatt Mazour, pride of Albion. Yes, I know some of that work came against reserve defenders. But the sophomore walk-on running back piled up 141 yards on only 12 touches. He is not just shifty, but runs tough.

He had a run against the No. 1 defense where he got seven yards after bouncing off two guys. Don't assume that he's just some cuddly Spring Game story either. Remember, he was being strongly considered as a possible kick returner even last year. Then came a concussion. Significant setback, Riley said. "But he appears to be back. I like him a lot."

Coach said it: "My goal in the Spring Game is to practice long enough on a hot day to just wear out the fans. I want to please the last person that will hang up in there and watch the games. I was so disappointed to do the running clock for the second half because I wanted to find some more time." -Mike Riley

Player said it: "I think we look good. I think we have a really good chance to win a Big Ten Championship this year. Everybody kind of thinks we lost a lot of seniors last year, which, we're going to miss them. But I think we're finding a niche here." -Senior tight end Tyler Hoppes

They tweeted it: The tweet comes from former Husker Cethan Carter, who most everyone agrees probably was open many more times than he received the ball during his career.

Well, he was watching Saturday's scrimmage, when Nebraska quarterbacks connected with the top four tight ends on the roster a total of 10 times.

More, please: Loved the full-field American flag that was unveiled during the National Anthem. I wonder if it will continue since the Husker band is usually on the field playing the anthem. They weren't this time. A men's school choir sang.

Perhaps it would alter the normal pre-game band routine, but I wouldn't mind seeing them break out the big flag again sometime for a game that counts. Cool look. Check it out.

TV killed the 3-4: In another era, before everything was on a TV station somewhere, Husker fans inside Memorial Stadium might have seen Bob Diaco's 3-4 scheme. Mike Riley admitted a big reason why it wasn't used at all Saturday was because of the television coverage of the scrimmage. They didn't want to give foes any chance to scout it.

I suspect a few Husker fans will think it's being overly paranoid, but most will simply shrug, realizing there was going to be no great judgment about this defense off a practice in April anyway.

Lincoln lads rocking it: Bryan Reimers, of Lincoln East, is arguably one of Nebraska's top three receiving options leaving the spring.

Luke Gifford, of Lincoln Southeast, caused two turnovers on Saturday and is pushing Marcus Newby hard at outside linebacker.

Tyler Hoppes, of Lincoln Southwest, had four catches for 66 yards. I've said all spring to buy his stock. You saw why today. He has a connection with a quarterback who knows where to locate his tight ends.

Austin Rose, of Lincoln North Star, had himself a solid scrimmage too. He always shows up pretty well in scrimmages as I think about it.

So that's four Lincoln kids each from a different high school who had springs in which you would have to say their stock went up. The first three are all potential starters.

The draw of Bookie: There's been many takes about cornerback Brendan "Bookie" Radley-Hiles since he committed on Friday. I'll offer just a quick and simple thought.

He is a magnet.

I'll grant you that opinion is based off seeing people interact with him on only two occasions. One of those was today, where I saw how other recruits gravitated towards him. Another was Friday Night Lights last June, where he not only had the full respect of every top-tier recruit on that field that night, but also veteran Husker players who were whooping it up after he shut down receivers on a few plays.

That's why it's so valuable that Bookie committed now. He really is the type of recruit others may want to follow.

As Mike Riley spoke in the postgame Saturday, Radley-Hiles stood in the back watching. When it was over, he walked out alongside Mike and his wife, Dee. Part of the family now.

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