Tommie Frazier offered a strong opinion on Twitter about the state of the Huskers on Saturday night, expressing the idea that Nebraska should get rid of several of its defensive coaches.

Bo Pelini was asked for his reaction on Monday's press conference.

Here is his answer in full:

"I didn't read what he had to say, I  kind of heard about it. I can say this, we have a staff of players, people, administration, everybody here who is busting their butt to do what they can and win football games and do everything they can for these student athletes," Pelini said. "Since I've came back here, I've embraced the former players. And if he feels like that, then so be it, we don't need him. That's a shame.

"Until you've sat in this seat and done it, anybody can have an opinion. Anybody can do that. But like I said, it's easy to point fingers and stand outside and throw stones. I take it for what it is."

Frazier later offered a return response on Twitter.

"I said what I said... I love the program and I love the fans. Its tough for some to hear but the program and fans deserves more," Frazier tweeted.

Then added: "He's right, he doesn't need me. I'm not the answer but he needs someone to help define success for this program. Nebraska fans deserve more."

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