The fight to win jobs in Nebraska's secondary continues to be one of the more intriguing storylines of this fall camp.

Bo Pelini has made no bones about it: He likes his defensive backs quite a lot.

The cornerback position, in particular, seems to be loaded with the right kind of possibilities. It comes with more proven commodities than the potential-rich but inexperienced safeties.

As John Papuchis broke it down last week, basically there are five guys battling for two cornerback spots, assuming Ciante Evans at nickel.

You might be able to break it down even more than that, though it requires a little more reading between the lines.

While sophomores Daniel Davie and Johnathan Rose are talents the Husker coaches like, and will be heard from before they leave the program, it'd seem that Josh Mitchell, Stanley Jean-Baptiste and Mohammed Seisay are in the top tier.

Papuchis talked specifically about the cases of Davie and Rose last week.

About Davie, Papuchis said: "He's in the mix. The problem with Daniel is he's in a battle that's probably the deepest position battle on the football team. I could name seven guys that could play corner right now and Daniel's one of them. So whether he ends up in top of that battle or it's going to take him a little bit of time to develop, we'll see how that goes. Daniel's a very good player. If he weren't to win the position battle, it's not based on his ability."

Rose? He impressed the heck out of people on scout team last fall after transferring from Auburn. But he's working at a different level now.

"He's doing good, but it is a different animal," Papuchis said. "He's almost like a freshman to a certain extent. But he's a very talented kid who tries hard and has a lot of natural gifts. His timeline is hard to tell but he's going to help us out at some time, whether it's the opening day or a year from opening day."

That brings us to Mitchell, Jean-Baptiste and Seisay.

Mitchell, arguably Nebraska's best cover corner and one of the vocal leaders of this defense, was a given to be in the top tier all along.

To me, it's always been about who's going to join him. Many might put Jean-Baptiste in that spot after hearing Bo Pelini's gushing comments from the last practice.

Mitchell and SJB would seem a pretty good bet at this point.

But keep the senior Seisay in mind. He has two healthy ankles now, is in the best shape he's ever been, believes he knows the defense fully, and has some versatility to him.

Aside from corner, Seisay has been working behind Evans as the backup nickel. He can also play dime.

The 6-foot-2 Seisay says he undertook a new diet plan in the offseason, now playing between 198-200 pounds instead of the 205 he's been at since JUCO.

"I feel lighter and faster, just better," Seisay said.

Secondary coach Terry Joseph helpe him stay "uplifted" last year even when an ankle injury slowed him and he wasn't always on the field.

"He kept telling me to keep my head up, it's a long season, pay attention to the details," Seisay said.

Details, the senior knows, could very well decide who plays and who doesn't.

For the record, he rather likes all the competition that surrounds him at the position.

"That's the great thing about this sport, and our defense and secondary, is everybody doesn't have a set position and you know that you have another guy next to you that's really, really good," Seisay said. "So if you come here and are going to have a bad practice, you know you're going to be down on the depth chart."

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